Flies and Gnats

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If you have a serious problem with airborne pests, home remedies won’t work fast enough. These stubborn pests can be a particular nuisance. They seem to find every open container, spoiling your morning coffee and ruining the simple pleasure of sitting somewhere in peace. Beyond that, gnats and flies carry many diseases which they can transfer to the surfaces where they land. Contact us today to get a quote on extermination. 

fly.jpgThe Problem

Swarming insects, such as gnats and flies are more than just a nuisance. Because they reproduce quickly, a small problem can rapidly grow. Capable of spreading nearly 100 pathogens, the problem is much larger than merely an inconvenience. If you have a serious problem with airborne pests, act quickly to ensure your problem doesn’t grow out of hand.

The Answer

The first step to eliminate these pests is to identify their breeding grounds. Removing the habitat they prefer will have an immediate impact on the infestation and will also ensure the effectiveness of additional treatment. Once the insects’ ideal environment is removed, our technicians will proceed with a treatment planned and discussed with you to ensure the complete removal of your pest problem.

guarantee_icon.pngOur Guarantee

You will notice immediate results from our treatment of your home or business. Allow two weeks for best results and if you’re not satisfied the treatment was effective, call us to discuss a follow-up appointment. Best results will always be achieved through proper preventative measures. For more information, check out our pest prevention tips

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