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If you have noticed unusually heavy mosquito activity, it may require extermination. Known primarily for their painful bite and the itching that follows, mosquitoes are particularly active in the summer months. They can quickly ruin a pleasant evening, and their bites are known to spread several diseases, which can sometimes be fatal. Contact us today to see how we can help.

mosquito.jpgThe Problem

While there are over 175 species of mosquitoes common to North America, none of them are generally long-lived. A typical lifespan is about 3 weeks, but during that time a female can lay up to 500 eggs. With disease, especially West Nile Virus, a major health concern, eliminating mosquito swarms quickly is important. 

The Answer

Because mosquitoes are so common and can reproduce rapidly, eliminating their favored environments is a crucial aspect of successful control. Our trained technicians will not only treat the immediate problem, but they will also review preventative measures to ensure mosquitos aren’t a continued nuisance and threat at your home or office.

guarantee_icon.pngOur Guarantee

You will notice immediate results from our treatment of your home or business. Allow two weeks for best results and if you’re not satisfied the treatment was effective, call us to discuss a follow-up appointment. Best results will always be achieved through proper preventative measures. For more information, check out our pest prevention tips

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