Bees and Wasps

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If you have a bee or wasp infestation, don’t delay in calling us! Both bees and wasps provide a variety of environmental benefits, but that will be small comfort if they have taken up residence in your home or office. Beyond their painful stings, they pose a severe hazard to anyone with an allergy. Contact us today to get a quote on extermination.

wasp.jpgThe Problem

Often mainly thought of for their painful stings, the various groups within the bees and wasps family have a number of differences that will affect where they prefer to live and how they should best be treated. Highly protective of their homes, these insects are known to swarm if threatened and should not be removed except by professionals. 

The Answer

Our technicians are skilled experts in removing stinging insects, giving you peace of mind that everyone at your home or business is safe from harm. We will identify why the insects have chosen the particular location, work to remove favorable environmental conditions, and treat the area thoroughly ensure they don’t return. 

guarantee_icon.pngOur Guarantee

You will notice immediate results from our treatment of your home or business. Allow two weeks for best results and if you’re not satisfied the treatment was effective, call us to discuss a follow-up appointment. Best results will always be achieved through proper preventative measures. For more information, check out our pest prevention tips

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