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If birds have taken up residence somewhere in your home or business, they can cause serious problems. Typically found in warehouses or attics, birds create unsanitary conditions, and also commonly host insects and parasites which can cause a variety of health problems., Contact us today to get a quote on extermination.

pigeon.jpgThe Problem

Nesting birds seek out favorable environments that provide protection and easy access to food and water. If you have found yourself facing bird problems, it is essential to take swift action as long-term roosting can cause structural damage, and birds frequently host a variety of parasitic insects, including lice, ticks, and fleas. Where birds nest in larger numbers, their droppings cause slip hazards and can increase the rate of structural aging. Droppings are also known to carry a number of diseases and encourage fungal growth. 

The Answer

We work to identify the cause of your infestation and remove the factors encouraging birds to nest at your home or work. Because common household treatment methods such as plastic owls are rarely effective long-term, we will work with you to implement our proven strategies for removing birds and guarding against their return. 

guarantee_icon.pngOur Guarantee

You will notice immediate results from our treatment of your home or business. Allow two weeks for best results and if you’re not satisfied the treatment was effective, call us to discuss a follow-up appointment. Best results will always be achieved through proper preventative measures. For more information, check out our pest prevention tips

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