Frequently Asked Questions

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Commercial and Residential Services

How long does treatment typically take?

The duration of our treatment depends on the pest. Times will vary due based on the pest, size of the area treated, and extent of the contamination. Treatment times for the average home or apartment can be estimated at:

  • Roaches or ants: typically 30-40 minutes
  • Mice or rats: typically 30-40 minutes
  • Termites: 2-3 hours
How long should I give the treatment to work before calling for a follow-up?

Pest management is a process that sometimes requires a little time, so please allow 10-14 days before requesting a follow-up appointment. This time ensures treatment has the necessary time to work.

Why are these pests coming into my home or office?

Pests are generally attracted to areas where they can readily obtain food, water, and warmth. They may have found those in your home, or they could have been carried in from outside via boxes, backpacks, or clothes. Nearby construction will often send pests searching for the closest cover as well.