Raccoons and Opossums

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If you have discovered a problem with possums or raccoons, don’t try to get rid of them yourself! They are often territorial, will rarely surrender easily, and can often become violent if provoked. Usually associated with rural areas, possums and raccoons have adapted to urban life, primarily because of their ability to nest in attics, basements, and sheds. Contact us today to get a quote on extermination. 

possum.jpgThe Problem

Many forms of wildlife have adapted to living in close proximity with humans, and this is especially true of opossums and raccoons. They have adaptable living, mating, and eating habits, frequently take advantage of human garbage to find food. Raccoons especially pose a serious threat to property through destructive nesting habits, chewing through wires and drywall, and tearing off shingles to create a burrow. They are also known to frequently carry rabies, even if they do not manifest the symptoms. Opossums are skilled climbers, capable of nesting wherever they find a favorable situation. While they do not frequently contract rabies, they are capable of transmitting other diseases to humans and often act as hosts to fleas. 

The Answer

When dealing with wildlife, it is crucial to have a strategy in place. When faced with a perceived threat, raccoons will often turn violent to defend themselves and their nesting area. While opossums are more likely to play dead, they have exceptionally sharp teeth and can cause serious harm. Our skilled experts work with you to identify the probable cause of your infestation and develop a strategy to remove the animal and guard against return.

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