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We are proud to offer a guarantee against the return of mice and rats after our treatment! Mice, rats, and other rodents cause more problems than just scurrying around in your walls and making the occasional unwelcome appearance. They frequently carry diseases, can host other potential pests such as fleas, and have even been known to chew into pipes causing water damage. If you suspect a problem with mice or rats, contact us today to get a quote on guaranteed extermination!

rat.jpgThe Problem

In addition to foraging and nesting, rodents can cause a number of other complaints, including bringing ticks, lice, and fleas into your home or office. In addition, their feces spread bacteria, and their burrowing is destructive. Mice and rats especially are known to nest and develop colonies where they find conditions favorable.

The Answer

Eliminating a rodent problem is about more than just finding a solution to the immediate problem. We’ll identify the exact rodent problem you have and talk you through the best solution. Our technicians go a step further to also identify and block entry points and review other preventative measures with you to guard against repeat infestations. 

guarantee_icon.pngOur Guarantee

We’re proud to offer a full, 60-day warranty on our mice control treatment. Because the best results will always be achieved through proper preventative measures, we will extend this warranty to 90 days if you follow our pest prevention tips. For all other rodents, please allow two weeks for best results and if you’re not satisfied the treatment was effective, call us to discuss a follow-up appointment. For more information, see our full guarantee

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