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The foot traffic and guest activity passing through hotels each year provide ample opportunity for guests to unwittingly transport a variety of pests on their clothes or in their luggage. Hotels also frequently attract pests due to large amounts of food in the kitchen and readily available water in the washrooms. We understand the unique threat your hotel faces and have competitively priced monthly service options designed to ensure your guests enjoy their stay, and you can focus on operations. 

If you have had an outbreak, we can help. Even with the best of housekeeping staffs, thousands of people moving through your hotel each year provides ample opportunity for pests to grab a hold. Pro Don has the expertise needed to effectively treat the immediate problem and provide your staff with preventative strategies to help guard against repeat problems. We will pursue the pests wherever they may be hiding to ensure we clear up your infestation right, the first time. You can have confidence in a clean hotel and satisfied guests.

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Pro Don is the only extermination company I know that is truly marked by professionalism and integrity, eliminating the pest problem at its source rather than treating it temporarily to keep you hiring the same company again and again.
Joshua S.
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While our pest management experts are capable of handling any infestation, large or small, we much prefer to help you prevent that experience. We designed our competitively priced monthly service plans specifically to ensure that your hotel remains pest-free. Regardless of your hotel size, we can help. 

Because we are local experts, we take in pride in helping our local hotel partners succeed. We listen to your pest control frustrations and customize our approach to find the solution right for you. Our integrated pest management approach covers all the appropriate methods and practices needed to ensure your infestation is handled right the first time. Whether we spray, trap, bait, or use a combination of methods, we guarantee to put your safety and that of your employees and clients above all. For more information, see our safety first policy

Understanding Your Unique Risks

The pests with which you struggle will depend in part upon your location and building. Our pest management experts can help you to identify which pests you are most at risk for based these various factors and work with you to develop preventative maintenance plans that fit your unique needs.  

Because we find that most pests are introduced to hotels through human behavior, we work to educate you and your team on pest control strategies to limit your infestation problems. Our trained technicians will partner with you to prevent pest problems and quickly and efficiently handle any struggles you may have. Our flexible scheduling and quick response times enable us to be onsite at your location to help with pest control emergencies as well as to work around your busy schedule. Regardless of your need, Pro Don is here to help.

Your hotel is under constant threat from pests. Pro Don is your defense.

Flies, spiders, bedbugs, ants, termites, cockroaches, and a variety of rodents are constantly on the move, looking for the next place to find food and water. But our integrated pest management solutions are just the strategy you need to stay a step ahead of the pests.

Our technicians take the time to understand your needs and help you to put preventative measures in place to guard against common infestations. As your local New York City pest management experts, we know the pests frequently seen in your area and are equipped to help eliminate the infestation and guard your hotel against future pest control problems.